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KRK VXT 8 or KRK 10-3 Rockit ?

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I've been on different forums but so far, whatever the matter is I STILL trust THIS forum the most. So...


I am rebuilding my home studio. I got some nice components so far, I am getting speakers. I was using KRK Rockit 5's till this moment and I was very pleased with how they sound and translate. Naturally I felt need to keep going with KRK's but I wanted bigger and better (more accurate) since 5 inch once weren't able to deliver low end (obviously) so NOW...I am struggling between KRK VXT8 or KRK 10-3 Rockits. I am in acoustically untreated room but I am planning on getting some AURALEX to dampen the walls and corners and also speaker stands with AURALEX base.


I am mixing mostly hip hop and EDM (some rock and metal also :D) ...so anyone has suggestions, ideas or review on any of these two ?



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