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Relative vrs Absolute Volume automation issue


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I'm trying to fix up a clip with some Region Relative Volume automation. I'm trying to clean up some open guitar noise when there shouldn't be any sound. I am using relative volume so that I can later set the Track Volume for the best mix. But when I do this it affects the Global Track Volume.


For example, my Track Absolute Volume is set to -12db. The Region Relative Volume starts out at 0db, and I've got a small section where I've dropped the relative volume down to -17db, and then back up to 0db. When I playback, the Track Absolute Volume starts out at -12db, but after the relative region volume drops and comes back up to 0db, the Absolute Track Volume goes to -6db. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug? As I understand, any relative volume changes should not affect the Absolute track values?

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