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LPX: Quantize Audio Regions to Groove Template problem


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Hi guys,


Wonder if any gurus can help here.


I'm in LPX and trying to quantise some live drums to a groove I extracted from a previous drum machine pattern we used in the demo version.


I didn't really like the sound of any of the audio quantise settings in this instance so went old-school (remember the old Beat Detective-style hack in LP7 and LP8?) and cut each hit at it's transient and then will quantise all the audio regions via the Event List.


The problem is I can quantise to the normal settings that Logic provides (say 1/8, 1/16, etc) but when I try and quantise to the groove template I've created from the original midi drum file the hit's never line up.


For instance as you can see from my screen shots the first hit doesn't even line up. it keeps pushing the kick forward ( when the kick from my groove template actually falls slightly after the first beat (


Needless to say none of the other beats are on the money either which kind of defeats the point.


I've since gone back to Pro Tools and done it there but as I'm now using PT less and less I'd really like to figure out if there's something I'm doing wrong in LPX


Any ideas why this might be happening?


Cheers fellas,







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