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Split stereo file naming problems .wav .L .R vs (L) (R)

Amin Bhatia

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I've scoured the forum searching for the above keywords but have not seen anything so here goes:


In some cases (eg saving regions as audio files) the naming convention of the new stereo file becomes





instead of





This creates havoc in the audio window and results in -43 file not found errors when moving or renaming files


Is anyone else running into this?


(NOTE I use Sound Grinder on the same Mac and I know it once used this naming convention so perhaps I've corrupted something in the audio software drivers on my Mac.)


Please try exporting a stereo region as a new audio and tell me what you get. Thanks in advance.




BONUS TIP TO THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME: Logic routinely uses the # character when recording new takes etc and this character becomes hell when exported as AAF or OMF and taken to a Pro Tools session especially in the PC world. Caveat Emptor. Always search and rename all instances of # before exporting to PT

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