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snap region round off issue


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I'm trying to snap a region to the start of the bar, I have the snap set to division, the as I move the floating window shows that I am indeed dropping to the start of bar i.e. first division start. Unfortunately the locators show the region to not be at 1 but rather a bit off . So instead of being on:


49 1 1 1


the locator shows the start of the region at:


48 4 4 223


close enough to be musical but still, don't get why I can't snap right on 1


See pic below , you all will have to trust me that I did move the region to start of bar or I will have to figure out how to attach a movie file :)






the region in question is the bass which is highlighted.


thanks for the feedback

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yep that was it, the anchor point was off from the start of the region which is based on the zero crossing point.


Splitting based on silence is a cool feature but the gains in productivity are lost due to the correcting of the anchor point.

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hmmm, after some thought instead of correcting the anchor point to match the zero crossing point maybe the region should be trimmed to the right to match the anchor point. It seems that the anchor point is closer to the attack of the note, perhaps that's why it was implemented that way in the first place.
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