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Point Logic to new audio file


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Hi guys

Hopefully this will make sense.


Have a project with many tracks. Edited the project so that the back half off the song has changed length. It wasnt a simple copy and paste, i made about 7 surgical edits across the tracks (drums, bass, keys, etc etc) to get it sounding right.


Since then, my mix engineer has taken the original drum stems (pre-edit) and run through his tape machine.


He gave them back to me to replicate the edit so we can use them in the final mix.


It's proven difficult to match the original edit i did. Doing my head in.


I'm wondering if i can tell Logic to look at the new (tape machine) files and put them in, in place of the original drum files? I was imagining deleting the kick drum file, for example, i have in the project and then when Logic says "where is the file" i point it to the new (tape machine) file and it inserts that file, undertaking the edits automatically.


Is this possible?




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Yes, that's possible, but only if the original files are not there anymore. Before you do that, make a backup from the original files.


When you point to the new files, Logic will tell you it's another file and if you still want to use it, click yes ;)


Another possibility is to put the tape-files into the audio files folder, rename them exactly the same way as the originals. Move the original files away and keep them as a backup.

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