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Turning off key Velocity Input on external synth (EMX1)

Lazy M Beats

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Forgive me for if this is something easy or way out of my league because I wouldn't know the difference. I am just starting to play around with using external instruments.


I am sending MIDI info my KORG Electribe EM1 and taking the audio from it but I would like to know if there is a way to turn off Velocity Input when I play the synth through my keyboard(Axiom Pro 61)? I am a terrible keyboardist and have trouble hitting the notes at the same velocity every time.


I realize that I could go into the piano roll editor and adjust the note velocities is this way but I would like to have it so that all notes have the same velocity info regardless of how hard I press a key.


The EMX1 is a fairly old piece of gear and doesn't have a pressure/velocity input itself. It seems like it must be logic defaulting to making each velocity a lower volume depending on the velocity data. How can I "Turn Off" this velocity signal?


Hopefully this is clear enough. Thanks!

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