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How to Double vocals in Logic pro x!


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Hello can someone please help me with the following:


I want to double my vocals for a hook in logic pro x. To get that effect that 2 people are saying it.


Please tell me how to do this i was looking for a solution for like 2 hours!


Thank you.

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Record the same vocal part twice, is the standard way to double. Differences in the way it's sung will (on most voices) give a nice thickening doubled effect.


If you want to do it artificially, which is not usually as good, then there are a bunch of ways to do it, depending on the tools you have. If you have no third-party tools like Waves Doubler, or Melodyne, then you can duplicate the vocal part, and on the second part changing the phrasing and tuning using flex pitch and flex time, or you could use Logic's tuning plugin to tune the second part to a more straight pitch.


But ultimately, however you do it, your goal is to create more copies of the vocal part, with tuning and timing differences.

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