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Cannot open editor window in new alternative


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Hello all,


I created a new alternative of a very basic project (1 acoustic guitar, 2 vocals). In the new alternative, I bounced one of the vocal tracks to a separate track, muted and hid the original, and turned on flex pitch on the new version. For some reason I am no longer able to open the editor for any of my tracks. I've tried the editor button, the editor key command, the "show editor" button from the "view" menu, and double clicking on regions. Nothing allows me to view the editor. I am still able to view the editor in previous alternatives and in other projects.


Any ideas? Many thanks in advance.


Logic 10.1.1

OSX Yosemite 10.10.3

mid-2010 iMac

3.06 GHz Intel Core i3

12 GB 1333 MHz DDR3

500 GB SATA internal (317 GB available)

2 TB Firewire 2 external (1.51 TB available, this is both a backup disk and a sound library storage)

Apogee Duet

Komplete Kontrol S61

Komplete 10 Ultimate

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OK so I think I figured this out on my own. It's clearly some kind of strange glitch. I had to hide the mixer first and then it would allow me to see the editor. Switching back and forth remains inconsistent; I am sometimes able to switch freely, and other times I have to hide the mixer before I am able to view the editor.


Weird, but I'm glad I figured it out.

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