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Help with learning more about 'synthesizers' using Logic X?

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I put the word synthesizers in the title of this thread in quotes on purpose for the simple reason that there are so many different types of synthesizers...so, I am using the word 'synthesizer' generically. Any suggestions as to what type of synthesizer is best to start with for learning more about them? I do not have access to the actual hardware, but, would be using virtual ones within Logic X and some third parties I have (e.g. Diva, Arturia (V-Collection)). I am aware that there are quite a few types of synthesizers to begin with...additive, subtractive, frequency modulation, granular, etc....but, that's about it with regards to my personal understanding (which, by the way, makes learning about them all the more confusing). Up until now, I have just been playing around with the presets of the virtual synthesizers I own. However, I would like to delve deeper. So, in short, where should I begin? Simply reading the manual is a bit too tedious.


Many thanks!

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