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Voice separation for horn section arranging


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Does anyone know if it is possible to split notes on a staff to lets say 4 other staffs ?

I'll try to explain what I want to do:


Play a chord in one staff . Lets say a whole note of Dm7 to make it simple (D-F-A-C)



Split this chord to 4 different staffs (lets say 4 trumpets), with this result

Staff 1 - Trp 1 = D

Staff 2 - Trp 2 = F

Staff 3 - Trp 3 = A

Staff 4 - Trp 4 = C


This would make arranging a lot more faster - ie. play a riff on the midi keyboard for all horns simultanously, and then split to the different instruments in a fast way (instead of playing/writing all instruments separately)


Is this possible in Logic Pro X ?


Thanks a lot in advance !

..and please forgive any bad English - I'm Norwegian :-)



Per Gustavsen

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Yes, it's possible. You need to choose (or create) a polyphonic staff style, then you can use the voice separation tool to give the notes different MIDI channels.


To create the staff style, choose Layout > Show Staff Styles, then add the desired number of voices, staves, etc...

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Another possible way is to do the following.

Use key commands for these...


1/ select all bottom notes

2/ cut the selected notes

3/ select the destination staff

4/ paste at original position


repeat 1-4 again for each voice you want to separate to a new staff.

See attachment.


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Thanks a lot David and volovicg !!

This will help me a lot speeding up my work with arraning in Logic Pro (now converting from Presonus Notion and Finale :-) )



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