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how can I add effects to MIDI during playback?


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Hello Friends

I am a new user, just about half way thru David's book. I'll do my best to explain my question and hopefully it will be clear what I'm stuck on.


I recorded a few bars of music on the arpeggiator using the Retro Synth... It sounds cool BUT...


I want to tweak the sound using the bars and knobs on the Retro Synth interface WHILE its playing and have it RECORD the tweaks. I've been searching online and in the Dummies book for way to do this, but no luck and i was hoping someone here might help.


I'll be ever grateful for any help or suggestions!!!


If my question isn't clear, please ask me any specifics and i'll clarify as best I can :D






can I mess with the OSCILLATOR, FILTER and AMP ENV etc during playback and get Logic to record these changes to an existing MIDI track?

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You need to use Automation. You must assign those knobs on the synth to hardware MIDI controls, then you can record movements in realtime using Latch or Touch mode. To play back recorded automation, set the track to Read mode.





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