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Audio Music Apps Folder??


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Hi guys. I'm trying to find a way to clear out some extra space on my main SSD drive. It's only 500gigs. Some time ago I noticed that I had a number of unnecessary sample wave files within my "Library"---"Sampler Instruments" folder. I removed these and this seemed to unclog a lot of space and also helped the EXS24 run faster.


Recently I noticed that there is another folder named sampler instruments in my "User"--" Audio Music Apps" folder which contains an extra 58gigs of stuff I thought I got rid of from the library folder.


I read on here that "User"--"Music"---" Audio Music Apps"---"Sampler Instruments" is a mirror image of "Library"--"Application Support"…."Sampler Instruments". Why is the library one 4 gigs and the Audio Music Apps 58 gigs?


Do I need to move the extra wave files and out of the Audio Music Apps Sampler Instruments folder too?



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