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My output fader cannot be adjusted


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Hi everyone,


I am having problems with my Ouput fader in Logic Pro X whilst trying to mix a song. Everytime I go to adjust it and move it downwards in springs back to exactly the same position as before meaning that I am not able to adjust the level.


Does anyone have any ideas why this is happening? It appears to have happened all of a sudden. I have no made any changes to the software itself and so I am mystified as to why this is occuring.


Any tips would be most welcome.

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Hi Eric,


What do you mean Automated the Output? I am a newbie with regards to Logic Pro X.


I did add a Fade Out effect to the end of the song and this automatically created an Output Track within the song. Is this what you are talking about? And is this whats caused the issue with the Output fader not working properly?


Many thanks.

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Yes. That's it.

When you automated the fade-out Logic has to create additional nodes spanning the whole track.

Press A on your keyboard to enter automation view. Grab the yellow horizontal line on your output track and move it down to where you want it to sit.

You can also use the trim function in the track header for this.

Hover over the digits representing the faded value. You will see the word "trim" appear. Click-hold and drag to trim the automation up or down.

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