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Vocal Effects like Depeche Mode and Madonna?

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I like these Madonna vocal effects:



and these Depeche Mode vocal effects:



I have Logic Pro X (and the reverb Impulse Responses posted on another section of the forum).


Does anyone have any channel strip settings or project templates they could please share to get those vocal effects?

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I have read that Sean Spuehler (Madonna's vocal guy) runs her vocals through Logic plug-ins at live gigs and in studio recordings.


I found this about Madonna's song 4 Minutes:


"an eighth-note delay from a Lexicon PCM42", and a reverb from the Eventide H3500 for the verse and the TC Electronic TC3000 for the hook".


A quote from Stuart Price:


"I set the 1176 at 4:1 and ran it into the Pultec with a high-shelf. It clicked really well on her sound and I’ve found that I adapt that chain and still use it a lot".


I am only just starting to learn about vocals. Anyone fancy having a go at creating a Madonna or Depeche Mode vocal presets in Logic?

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