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Bounce In Place Issue with Multi Out Instruments


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First post here. Hoping someone can shed some light on this.


When I bounce-in-place a multi-timbral audio instrument using an output other than outs 1-2, the audio bounces to a track with the send settings from the 1st output of the instrument. I think it also is bounced with the volume, pan and plugin settings from the 1st output.


Example setup:

- create a multi-timbral software instrument track

- instantiate a multi-out instrument (e.g. kontakt)

- click the '+' in the mixer to create the aux for the instrument's 2nd out

- Main out's (Outs 1-2) send 1 is going to a reverb

- 2nd output's (Outs 3-4) send 1 is going to a delay

- everything sounds fine during playback before the bounce

- i bounce a region on the channel using Outs 3-4

- i check 'include instrument Multi-Outputs'

- bypass effect plug-ins is unchecked

- *PROBLEM: A new track is made with a send going to the reverb instead of the delay. Audio file is the wrong level as well.


Am I doing something wrong here? Is this a bug? Please help!


Many thanks,



* i'm running OS X Yosemite (10.10.2) on a late 2013 model Mac Pro

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