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Multi-track EQ view


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so first let me explain what I mean.


I want a "view" into my EQ decisions across all or a selected set of my tracks.


What I would hope for is a view that shows me graphically i.e.along the frequency spectrum the boosts and cuts for a selected set of tracks "at the same time".


Example: I decided to try to notch out a frequency range on keyboards so allow my acoustic guitars to sound thru better.


I want to be able to at some point in time after I made those cuts/boosts to review what I had done and thus more easily recall that I had made the notch in the keyboard track to provide space for the guitar track.


So right now the work around is to open the different EQs and horizontally tile them on a desktop.


Hope that's clear.


Anyhow, does logic have such a beast? Any other tool provide this ?



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Blue Cat certainly has a compelling price, but all I was able to glean from the blurb on the page was that one could store into 4 total memory slots the respective EQ curves, i.e. rather than real time i.e. I want this on an active project viewing several tracks at once. I"ll check it out further.


I keep bumping into FabFilter's ProQ 2, one recent example was for EQ matching on mix-downs.


Need to check that out further as well , I was not aware it could be plugged into several tracks at the same time.


Yes ears are the best bet, but some ears need more help than others :), also to help recall and visually reinforce these sonic decisions I think will also help with learning and improving the ear.

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but as juxtaposed against the track the Pro Q2 instance is on I assume?


Yes of course.


PS. Thanks for teaching me new words! I had to look up that one. :)


In any case, there seems to be other reasons why Pro Q2 looks like a great tool for core sculpting so I may go that way anyway , thanks


Exactly. This is just one of the features that Pro Q provides. I really recommend it.

There's a 30 day demo on the fabfilter site. Try it first and see if you like it.

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