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Scan project to peak level? [SOLVED]


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I working with movie sound track, that already used in movie.


I need add some fx, replace some voices with new.


And finally I need to have same level.




This is how looks original sound track:




This is how looks sound track after my edits (example for your understanding)




So, I want use limiter, to set maximum peak at -18db, as in original sound track.


Hope you understand my issue.

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I think I understand what you are up against but I'm not sure a brick-wall limiter will help you.

It would be much better if you gain staged your post process to match the previous level.

This will help you sustain the dynamic relationship instead of changing the dynamics or crush the peaks.


Which limiters do you have on your arsenal?

Are you using the L1 as an effect? is it acting in parallell to the original?

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I tried to use L1 as limiter with compression, because my additional sound have different levels.

It's only test. I wish to work with native Logic instruments, but I don't have idea how to fix my issue.


Also, I need to bounce project each time I made some changes, because Logic don't have tools to visualize sound.

I opens bounced file in audio editor and check levels.


What I need?

For example I have project with tracks:

1. Main track have -18db level

2. Dictor speech -15db level

3. SFX -21db level


I need to compress tracks 2 and 3 and limit them to level -18db


I understand, that I can set levels manually, using volume faders, but how I can make same using limiter?


I tried adaptive limiter - but levels in bounced file do not conform.




So, no matter what levels have tracks in project. Final bounced file should have -18db.

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Use Fabfilter Pro-L. There you can set the ceiling much lower than with the adaptive limiter. I know for sure you can set it to -18 dBFS.


To make something clear: Setting a limiter to -18 and putting the fader to value so the peak is at -18 is not the same.

In your situation: Track 2 (Dictor speech -15db level) will be limited by 3dB (thus will sound louder), but track 3 (SFX -21db level) will stay at -21dB.


What you need to do is:

Track 2: Add a gain plugin with -3dB

Track 3: Add a gain plugin with +3dB

After those gain plugins you add the limiter set to -18dB just to make sure there is nothing that goes over it.


In general, first get your gain staging right. Means that the output level of all plugins you add to the channel (EQ, compressor, effect, etc.) is max around -18dBFS. The limiter, as a final plugin in the channel setting, will take care that nothing goes over the -18dBFS.


Actually, after a proper gainstaging, it would be sufficient to add the limiter to the master buss, instead of loading it into all channels.

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As per your screenshot, your final bounced file should peak at -1.8 dBFS, not -18 dBFS.


May be I don't understand something... :oops:


This is -18dBFS ?





As for for Logic limiter - it have range from -2.0 to 0.0db



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The problem with limiting in this way is that you are restricting the peak level but you are not restricting the perceived loudness.

It does not matter if you use Logic's own plug-ins or 3rd part AU's. Brick-walling this way is great when taming peaks but your screen shot looks more denser than just peaks.

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Ok, thanks.

Can you help me with my issue?


I have sound file with level -18db and several peaks at -17, -16.5db.


Which concrete steps I should to do for limiting those clips on -18db level?




If you want to keep the dynamic relationship the same, just lower the fader by -1.5dB. Or a gain plugin with -1.5dB. Otherwise use a limiter like described above.

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