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Logic Crashes Need Help


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My Logic is crashing. When I check the crash reports, the last item before it crashes is not consistent as to what seems to be causing the issue.


It is happening in one of my projects, but not all. However, I did open a new project, and move all the files over from the old project and then built my channel strips back up individually using presets. Same problem with the new project... Crash.


I am using 3rd. party plugins from waves, peavey, sound radix, and native.



What simple first steps can I take to remedy this issue?

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Just talked to Logic Support at Apple. Here is a solution that helped free up about 50% of my CPU usage. My project was actually using 107% CPU during some points in the song, which is over max.


My plugins were over taxing my CPU. Here is the solution.


FREEZE TRACKS renders audio files and takes the load completely off the CPU. I went from using 90% on average to 49% CPU.


Freeze a track

Click the Freeze button in the track header.


The lock turns blue to indicate that the track is ready to freeze.


In the Track inspector, choose a Freeze mode:


Source Only: Freezes the track signal without any effects plug-ins. When selected, the Freeze button becomes solid.


Note: This Freeze mode is useful when using processor-intensive software instruments or flex modes.


Pre Fader: Freezes the track signal including all effects plug-ins. When selected, the Freeze button shows a dot.


Click the Play button in the control bar.


To unlock the track, click the Freeze button again.


To change the freeze state of multiple tracks, click-hold the Freeze button of one track, then drag the pointer up or down. The Freeze buttons of all swiped tracks switch to the same state.

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CT, the other thing Apple Support suggested, as did triplets above, was pulling the third party plugs out one at a time.


That means if you are using a particular plugin, with several instances of the same plugin across many channels, they all have to be eliminated, using the [no plugin] option to troubleshoot the offender. This process can ID a plugin issue.


Another tip I picked up was the following Apple documents paragraph:


Sometimes, issues with the data in a project can be repaired. Open an affected project and open the Project Information window with the Project Information key command. Click Reorganize Memory to attempt to repair the project. When you reorganize memory, the current project is checked for any signs of damage, structural problems, and unused blocks. If any unused blocks are found, you will be able to remove these, and repair the project. Project memory is also reorganized automatically after saving or opening a project.

P.s. I had to set my own key command to pull up the "Project Information" window because one is not initially set. Go to Logic Pro X> Key Commands>Edit>type in "key commands"> then, choose and set your own key command. I chose shift,control,option,p.> Click Learn by Key Label. That sets the key command. Click your new key command and voilá, Project Information opens. Click Reorganize Memory, and see if it helps.

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