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In yosemite latest versions NI plugins dont work with 9.1.8?

juha-pekka kuusela

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In yosemite latest versions NI plugins dont work with Logic Pro 9.1.8? at least here they dont work. But Garageband which comes Yostemie works with them fine. Older Komplete 9 installation disc versions worked fine. One reason use new versions i haved Reaktor ensemble (NI Monark) where i saved two own programs which dont open with older. This seems look now when i get very likely soon more money i must buy sooner what i wanted Logic Pro X???
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Based few things quikly seems like they dont work anymore with this Logic version.and plugins what you mention are not updated and i forgotted update Battery. Now i updated even this does same. Very likely problem is old Logic version. I tell if NI ansvers or anyone else where tells solution. (One place is expection if i cannot translate idea to english).
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NI updates for Guitar Rig 5 are from 2013. Not sure they are moving forward with that product or not. Support will not say if they are moving forward or not. That is total BS in my opinion.


What is the date of the Komplete 9 update?


I dont remember but i think they are 2015 and something day like 11.4 i think.

and updated gived mainly i think Traktor and Maschine support. What i dont need but saddly my preset modifed with Reaktor ensemble is saved never version i updated all plugins and get this problem which is now solved.

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