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by design or bug?


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My step editor has been doing weird things ever since the last update. Is this a feature or a bug? (it seems the latter).


When I hide the controllers in the event list after manually changing the selected value of a controller, the step editor automatically changes the values of a previous curve (which I don't want of course). It seems to interpolate the higher value (in bar 29) and the new low value (in bar 30).

See the difference between screenshot 1 and 2.






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Ah, thanks. I now started doing the curves in the region automation, which circumvents the entire issue.


But then I stumbled into another question on which I can't find the answer: is it possible to copy region automation of track A to track B? It works for track automation but if I try to copy the region automation it also copies the region, but I just want the automation to be copied.

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