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working with varying tempo audio files


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I want to import a song, have it play at its correct tempo and record a vocal with another track, then import another song do the same but mute the first one (and its subsequent vocal track), yet that second track is at a different tempo.


So what does logic do? In the transport it could say 100bpm from the first track but the second is 80, what do I do? keep changing in the transport? when I bounce I mute all not needed and then go back and bounce the second one but first change the tempo in transport?

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Since you have a different tempo for each song, instead of working vertically, try to set the songs horizontally, one after the other (which you could edit from within the tempo list or the tempo track).

That would allow you to have automatically preprogrammed tempo changes when the playhead reaches the beginning of each song.

You could use the markers to navigate swiftly from one song to the other.


There could be other ways to deal with that, such as tempo sets, meta events, etc... The latter is rather complicated, involving IAC loop and is quite limited in tempo range (50 - 177)...

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