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Any idea when the next big LPX update will be released?


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Just curious - I've been switching back and forth between Logic Pro X and Cubase for quite some time now. Logic keeps on winning, but there are always those few features that Cubase has that you wish Logic had (Logic seems to be playing a big "catching up" game with Cubase).


Any word on when the next update will be, or what to expect?

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The only thing we can do is watch what Apple has done and how they are changing.


Two observations.

1. Apple has moved to annual incremental improvements to OS X and iOS.

2. In the last two years significant LPX updates have been released just before winter Namm in January.


So given these changes I would predict annual incremental LPX updates released in January just before NAMM, with bug fixes released as 'needed'


RE: Cubase

I have used Logic since 1995 but last year I bought Cubase 8 for all the chord features. Cubase is really light years ahead of Logic in this area. I find the chord features great for composition but because I am so familiar with Logic I will export the MIDI files from Cubase and finish the song in Logic.

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