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Demixing a track with many regions


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I have a MIDI drum track that I'd like to demix into additional tracks, one for each instrument. No problem there: just use demix by note pitch.


The problem is that my original track has many regions, as well as loops. With multiple regions, demix seems to create one track per note .... per region. So now I have not just a kick-drum-only track, but one such track for every separate region in my original drum track. It's a mess. And I have no idea what this function does to loops.


Is there a solution other than converting all looped sections into literal MIDI data, then merging each and every region on my track into one giant region?

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This needs to be done methodically, region by region.


Demix the first region. Then demix the second one. This will push the first lot of demixed regions further down your Arrange page. Move them back up so they are in line with the second group. Demix the third region. Pull up the first & second to line up with that one. And so on.


Also keep removing all the empty duplicate tracks created by the demixing.


As you've noticed, Demix switches off any looping of the original Regions. To get it back just select all the demixed regions & check the Loop button on the Region Parameters window & they will loop across all the gaps just as the original track did.


It would be good to have a Demix All Regions In Track By Midi Note feature.

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Actually, I think there's a way you could do this in one shot, sort of, well less clicking anyway.


Open the Clicks & ports layer and select the Input object. Check it's Icon box. In the Arrange, assign all your current MIDI tracks to "Input Notes".


Select an empty MIDI track. Record all of it. Select the new region, in the Region menu, Split/Demix-Demix by Note Pitch.


Now you'll have one track per note pitch from all your regions.

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