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using glissando in the piano roll editor


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e.g. I would like select two adjacent notes , pop mouse and ask Logic to connect them with a glissando to the effect that on playback I do hear a glide between the two notes. I realize that there's probably a way of doing this with the score editor but I don't want to switch editors just for this scenario.



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The Piano Roll is a MIDI editor, meaning it allows you to create or edit MIDI data, and there's not such thing as a glissando between two MIDI notes in the MIDI language. What you can do, however, is turn on a glissando mode, and/or adjust the glide time in your synth so that it interprets the MIDI notes that triggers it in a glissando manner, gliding the pitch from the end of the previous note to the beginning of the next one.
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sure I understand what the midi spec provides for. Perhaps, I should have said in a different way although I think I know my answer.

What I was hoping was for a function provided by Logic that could add the necessary pitch bend and soften the attack on the target note.


Tried doing that with midi draw on pitch bend but gave up since don't have the time to familiarize myself with that right now.

I should also note that my purpose here is not for "performance" but rather I'm transcribing a vocal line reference track.


So definitely a "nice to have" for me but not a show stopper.

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