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I recently switched from FL to LPX, and I need your help with this.

In FL I can arrange the different audio tracks, and replace the track with another sample from my sample library. It doesn't delete the arrangement, just changes the sample/audio track with the new file. Is it possible for me to do something like this in LPX from apple loops browser?


My workflow proces is to get the arrangement done and then find the right samples to tweak for the track. Btw, I'd rather not do this trough a sampler. :)

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Nope, not as far as I know of. The work around would be to copy the original sample to your audio folder. Then get the new sample to the audio folder and rename it to the exact same name as the original. But that's not a fluid workflow for your work style.


I'd rather recommend you to work with a sampler and notes, instead of placing the samples manually. E.g. Battery 4 replaces the samples (almost) instantly. You can just flick thru your library. Working with notes gives you much more possibilities and a faster workflow.


A friend of mine told me that working with samples on a audio track is much tighter in groove, than e.g. with Battery 4 and multiout channels. So I tested that scenario. He gave me a beat consisting of only audio files on audio track, something like 12 tracks. I loaded those audio files (samples) into Battery and faithfully recreated the timing/placement of the samples with MIDI notes. All 12 samples were on a different multiout track from Battery. Of course I also put the faders the same ;)


Bounced both drums, imported them back. Phase reversed one of them. Tadaaa... absolutely nothing. It was a perfect phase cancellation. Spectrum analyzer didn't show anything down to -160dB.


It's a myth that audio tracks are tighter. Maybe that was true with the first DAWs, anno 1995 :D

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