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problem using arpeggiator

rikki rivett

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I want to use it as a kind of groove trigger, so when I hold down a hi-hat or percussion key, the note will play 16ths (for instance) as long as it's held.


I've got the Arpeggiator working-cabled direct to the Audio Instrument- and this works fine, except for one thing which irritates me: when I stop playing the key, Logic plays several more notes before stoping the "arpeggio"-up to 3 notes at 120bpm, for instance. Is this just due to MIDI latency? I'm using an amt8 as MIDI interface.


My settings are Auto direction, 1/16th resolution, Original Length, Repeat on, 1 Octave.


BTW, something quite cool happens when using octave settings larger than 1 with Stylus RMX: it cycles through the different samples assigned to the keys, so if you're using the HiHat Sound Menu, you get a very lively selection of HiHat samples playing-nice :-)!



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