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Hi, I have a question about output channel in logic pro x


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Hi, I just really want to share some strange phenomenon I experienced in logic pro x.


So, to begin with, I was making a music in logic pro x. The music that I was working on was something like a disco dance style music and I did not put any mastering plugins such as Multi-Compressor, EQ, or so.


In fact, actually there were no plugin boxes available on the "Output channel" at all in that project somehow from the very beginning..(This is another question that I have though)


Anyways, what I want to say is that while I was working on my project without touching output channel yet, something happened.


The plugins such as EQ, MUlti-Compressor, Exciter and Adaptive limiter were appeared in Output channel and Those were all pre-mastered for Dance music. It was like a professional mastered setting that I have never seen before in Logic pro x.


So, Is there any reason why this happened during working on my music? How the heck output channel mastered itself which made my music so much better. It was like a magic.. :shock:. It seemed like the logic pro X knows what genre of music I am currently working on the project and did it for me.


All right, so, If you know the reason, or had same experience with me, please share your thought and ideas.


Thank you so much.

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OMG.. Thank you for the answer. I didn't know that there were factory presets in logic. Well, at least, now I know there are presets available. This would be very helpful for my music from now on. Thank you so much! :)
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