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Monitor in Logic while Printing Stems to ProTools? [SOLVED]


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Hi all,


I'm trying to figure out a bussing solution to send stems out of Logic X (10.1.1) into a slaved Pro Tools 11 machine where those stems would print while still simultaneously printing a stereo file as well. Is it possible to do this while still monitoring in Logic as opposed to Monitoring in ProTools? For Example, I have 50 tracks all bussed into some basic Aux's in Logic:









Is there a way to Monitor and send to ProTools a stereo sum of these while also sending them out individually to my audio card to ProTools to print on individual channels? Not sure if that makes sense?


Thanks so much for any insight on any of this.

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Yes, this can be done.


You can route audio out of a channel strip using the Output slots or the Send slots. In your case, you could use the Output slot to choose the desired PT output, and the send to do a stereo mix in Logic. So for example: all your Bass channel strip outputs are Bus 1. Bus 1 goes to an Aux called "Basses" which is your Bass sub-mix. The Aux "Basses" sends to Bus 15 and outputs to Output 3-4. Bus 15 is your Logic stereo mix (so your "Percussion", "Orchestra", "Guitar", "Synth" and "Extra" Auxes will also send to Bus 15, however they'll each output to a different output pair.


Hope that makes sense? Click the pic below to see the entire pic.



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