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Expression map with custom bank message


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I’ve found a new way for sending multiple midi messages with external midi-instruments in Logic.


Scripters based expression mappers (Audiogrocery Toolkit and others) are great tools if you work with Instruments tracks.

But it won’t work with external midi tracks.

And if you have a big template with Vienna Ensemble pro and you use the Logic Multiport template provided by VSL, you need to use midi tracks.


So when you create a midi track, go to the environment and go to option menu/Define custom bank message.


You will see a special event list. The position column is the bank number witch respond to CC 32.

Now delete every entries and create your own events (midi note, CC, prog. chg., etc)

as long as you are on the same bank #, you can add multiple midi event. to create a second articulation just add an event and change its ‘’position’’ by double-clicking on the word Bank.


You can write CC32 data in the piano roll or record it with your midi controller.

Of coarse it is not as simple as having the word Staccato and pizzicato in the automation lane, you have to memorize what bank number is what articulation. But it works!


In my case I use CC 3, CC4, and CC28 for Vienna instruments Pro (X-axis/Y-axis/Vel. Fade On/Off)


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