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Newb-scratchy audio:interface fail?

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Hi all,

I'm a novice, returning to trying to get my rig set up after a couple years, using dated Logic 8 with an older Korg 01W/FD and a Lexicon I-ONIX U42s interface. I'm having some MIDI issues with using the Korg as a controller. In troubleshooting that, I disabled the Lexicon in the Core Audio device prefs, trying just the Built-In Input. Then using the Korg, trying to trigger the loops in the Library, I'm hearing nasty scratching static on these loop sounds (in addition to the Korg patch & seeing those on the meters on the U42s) on my headphones out of the U42s, but not on my monitors. I'm fearful my interface is the issue & would appreciate any ideas or help on this or the MIDI. Would upgrading to Logic X be the solution? I'm trying to keep my budget under control as this is just a hobby.


Thanks much in advance!





Logic 8.02; OS 10.9.5; iMac 3.06 GHz i3 chip; 4GB RAM; Seagate 2TB ext drive (Mac OS Extended-Journaled); Lexicon I-ONIX U42s interface (Driver 3.00b14)

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Your explanation is unclear to me: you disabled the Lexicon, used the built in output and heard scratchy noises through your headphones, but not through your monitors?

So how are the monitors hooked up? Are they fed by the built in or by the Lexicon? And where are your headphones plugged in? Built in or Lexicon? And what do you mean with "in addition […] U42s"? That whole sentence is unclear to me. You also see the scratchy sound on the Lexicons meters...? I don't understand that either.

Also, "scratchy" sound, I'm sorry, but that doesn't paint a picture. Could you bounce 5 seconds or so to AIFF and attach that to your next post? ZIP the file first.

So, can you redescribe the problem?

When does the unwanted noise occur?

Is it when only coming out of the Lexicon, only coming out of the Built In output, only coming out of the monitors (hooked up to...?) or only coming out of the headphones (hooked up to...?)?

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First off, thanks for the help! Sorry I wasn't clear about the problem(s) but I was trying to be concise.


I'm trying to use the old Korg as a MIDI controller & use the sound files in Logic. The Audio MIDI Setup is seeing my Korg correctly. But in a new Logic project, when I tried to trigger a Logic sound file, I'd hear both the Korg sound (clearly) and the Logic file (crackling) on the headphones out of the interface. In Mr. Nahmani's sound & MIDI troubleshooting section of his book suggested bypassing the interface by going into Logic Prefs, disabling the interface & using Built-in Audio. Then triggering a sound file from Logic Library, I still heard the crackling Logic file thru the headphones (in the interface). I feared the interface was failing. But just now, when trying it again there is NO crackling! Intermittent interface problem or worn connector? I don't know.


Now I'm just back to my MIDI hell problem. When I record a MIDI bass track (Logic file) I'm hearing both the bass sound and the Korg sound in headphones, but only the bass track on playback. Any suggestions on that area?


Thanks again for any help with this!

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