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Where to edit mod wheel automation?


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I have this virtual track and decided to record some automation with the mod wheel, on my keyboard. This handles the pitch in my virtual synth. I think I used the "Latch" feature in Logic Pro. It then wrote some kind of automation, but I can't figure out how you edit it. (or delete it)


From what I read this works with MIDI draw (formerly called Hyperdraw if I'm not mistaken?). But when I go to the MIDI draw menu, I can't seem to find where to modify this.


I've attached a picture to this post. What I am talking about are those vertical lines that you see across the region. I've seen these often when I downloaded MIDI files from the internet, for popular songs.


Thanks a lot :)


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Hmm, nope. What's weirs is that - and I just noticed that - it creates a second region for the automated midi wheel. Basically, those vertical lines you see in my previous picture, and the MIDI notes that are played, aren't in the same region. They're just one on top of another. You can move them freely around. If the region with the automation isn't over the MIDI region with the notes, the effect isn't applied. When I double click the automation region to see what's inside, in the piano roll, nothing appears there - it's just empty. :?


One thing is sure - there MUST be a setting somewhere. :)


Edit: I see it now! :) I'll report back.

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