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Logic 8 onto Mac Book Pro OS X 10.8.5

Logic 8 Only

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Hey everyone,


I need to know how to install Logic 8 onto a new but 2012 model of the Macbook pro, with a 2.7 GHz Intel Core i7 processor, and a OS X 10.8.5 (12F45) operating system. I have been on the phone with Apple directly for an hour, and spoken with their top specialists, but I find it impossible to believe that I could have just bought an apple certified amazing refurbished MacBook Pro, and cannot take my studio's work to this newer machine, simply because it is a newer operating system. I was told over the phone my options... 1) buy an external disc drive and try it (because newer models no longer have the disk drives within the body, and still after spending the 79 dollars it most likely wont run... 2) Buy logic 9 from a third party, if I can find one, and install that, since the app store does not sell the download anymore and never will. At least logic 9 looks similar to 8 and could be easily adapted to... 3) Update the system further to the newest system if possible, and then buy the only application of logic available, for another 200 dollars, the newest, Logic Pro X... which to me just looks more like garage band, and does not have the original sounds from the older versions. I have songs actually in mid production, that cannot be finished on the older Mac now done, and that use these sounds, and can only be engineered from this program, and lastly encompasse a whole sound of a specific artist.


Sorry if I sound pirturbed, but I feel that none of these given solutions, sound like solutions, to what seems should be a simple process with a Mac Book Pro and a Pro Audio Application.


On my own now aftert, I have read up on the disc imaging and different programs which seem to work and then not work depending on small varibles, and I came here to ask all of you, who are the experts in this field, how I can re hook up a studio with a new computer.


Thank you for anyone's time here, it is greatly appreciated.



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