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Logic, Apollo, Dbox, and Arc2


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I use Arc2 to fine tune my room and I run it in Audio Hijack so it works on everything in my machine and I dont have to bypass it when printing. However when summing to the Dbox Arc no longer effects anything in my session. I know I am bypassing the DAW to use the analog summing but I thought I would hit the input of the DAW on the way in so Arc would effect it. I just want to hear my summed mix with ARC. Anyone know how to do this? I could put a separate instance of arc on each summing output but that would seem unwise.




BTW I found a thread on another site where someone had a similar issue but never got a solution.



Here is that post:

IKM ARC 2 & D-Box

I've been using the Advanced Room Correction software from IK Multimedia for years. Its meant to sit on your Master Bus and you turn it off when rendering a mix or VSTi.. I just picked up a used Dangerous Music D-box for summing and monitoring. The way the D-box and fireface connect is:


the AES out of the Fireface goes to the AES input of the D-box..

8 Fireface analog outs go into the D-box for summing. I use them as 4 stereo pairs.

The stereo Sum out of the D-box goes back to a pair if Fireface inputs which I set to monitor in Cubase.

The D-box has a pair of 20watt headphone amps and two stereo outs for a pair of speakers/monitors.


In Cubase I set up 4 stereo group channels that I label: Stem 1 Perc & Bass, Stem 2 All Vox, Stem 3 FX Channels, Stem 4 Everything Else. I then route all audio channels in Cubase to one of those 4 Stem groups. Those 4 groups are then routed to the Fireface 4 stereo outs 1/2, 3/4, 5/6 & 7/8 Which goes to the Summing buss in the D-Box. I also add a stereo audio track in Cubase that I label "Print" and set it's input to the incoming summed signal from the D-box. On this track I turn on the monitor button. This track and only this track is output to the AES out of the Fireface. On the D-box are monitor buttons that I can listen to 1) the DAW signal of the AES output which is "pre summed", 2) Sum button which I hear the summed signal.


My question now is where to put the ARC plug?

A) the AES out

B) the input buss that goes to the "Print" track

C) the 4 stereo stem group outs

D) where the sun don't shine

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