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Unwanted Mod Reset after Region


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This thread was started in part because of another related issue. When the user stopped playback, CC1 would reset, and notes clicked in the Piano Roll once the playhead had stopped would not sound if they were mod cross-faded.


The animation below identifies a similar, more easily observed problem. I can't recall Logic behaving this way in the past.


You're going to have to scroll around the window for a couple of viewings to see it all. That's the best I can do right now.


In the beginning, the animation drags both both chase and reset preferences into frame to illustrate that all are unchecked.


The one bar region has a CC 1 at 127.


Note the MIDI monitor as Logic plays. CC 1 resets to zero at the end of the region when the playhead passes through it.


When the CC 1 numbers jump, that's me moving the mod wheel on my controller. The CC 1 still resets at the end of the region.


This is a nasty kludge when composing on the fly. Either a blank, extended region must underlie the measures under construction to preserve the mod setting, or the mod wheel (or MIDI draw node) must be nudged to reawaken the setting.





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I don't get it. Why is the mod event on channel 6? And why is it suddenly producing many events on channel 7 that are not in the region and then goes back to producing nr 6?

Anyhow, have you unchecked the Clip Length checkbox for that region in the inspector?

(Wow, I started answering this about the same time as Eric - he reached his conclusion a bit quicker though :shock: :wink: )

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I explained the additional modulation data in the first post. My live controller was on channel 7.


Yep, it was Clip Length. Chase and reset were irrelevant. This also explains why the behavior appeared out of nowhere, as I rarely use clip length.


I had thought that Clip Length just cut the note off and did no more. But now that I know its CC effect, it can be used for selective resets per region, as I assume any present CC will reset at the end of the region. One could even have a region chock full of CC's and copy and place it at will as an aid to composition in the following bars, a selective "clean slate."


What I had thought was a reset / chase after a Stop command was in fact stopping past the end of a region with Clip Length on.


Very grateful to you both. I never would have looked there.

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Select the region and turn off clip length in the Region Inspector.


Actually this is happening now to me too, but instead of the Mod resetting to zero when the region ends (Clip Length is OFF for the regions), the Mod is resetting to zero when I jump the cursor back on the timeline. I couldn't see that I had a Logic setting ON in Preferences or Project Settings which should cause this (see attached images of Logic settings).


Any ideas anyone?




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