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Error while trying to synchronize audio and MIDI


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Hi everyone, I am trying to run a large orchestral template in LPX. I have 1 external 7200 rpm drive and 2 500 gig ssd drives that the samples are streaming from.

I have a 6 core late 2013 Mac Pro. 64 gigs of RAM.


I think the problem is that I am running samples from multiple external drives.


I also do not have an external audio interface. I am running my audio through the computer's headphone jack.


I can play the piece for about 3 seconds, and the cpu meter in logic goes max. I have 6 cores and 6 virtual cores! I don't know how these samples could be maxing out all my cores like this! I think there is another problem. After playing the piece for the 3 seconds, before getting overwhelming pops and clicks, this message comes up:

Error while trying to synchronize Audio and MIDI. Sample Rate 42106 recognized.

Check conflict between Logic Pro and external device.

Can some please help me?

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