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Newbie to MS

Phoenix Keys

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Hi guys-


Decided to join the soft side of things after getting tired of hauling heavy Kronos 88's, Motif XS8's around for several decades. Picked up a really great PX5S (totally impressed with this board) and now use that with my trusty old Nord Electro 3 73 for my performance rig. I'm only using the PX5S with MS for now, with the Nord being standalone interal sounds.


Works great for what I typically do, however... new project requires me to have some samples and pretty extensive sounds available that neither the PX5S or Electro can do well (or at all). So, decided to take the leap after seeing several guys on stage using MBPs with regularity.


Forgive my novice questions, but I do have a few. I can probably chalk these up to being a newbie and have searched, but no luck.


#1- Piano / String layer with assigned faders. Figured out how to route and all, but cannot find a strings ensemble patch in MS that sounds good. They all seem thin and (most annoyingly) seem to have very limited polyphony, cutting out abruptly when I am playing chords.


#2- Layered 4 patches for a fat synthy sound. Noticed my CPU meter maxing out with nothing but MS running. Seems odd that this would be the case. Wondering if I didn't buy enough "machine" in my MBP, despite getting advice from several "pros" at Apple.


#3- Pads- I know this is just learning how to tweak, but all the presets really aren't usable for what I do. The best out of the package by far was from the Kronos. Are there other libraries I can buy to suppliment since I'm not much of a tweaker, and how do you add those to MS?


#4- Getting some random electronic pops periodically through my headphones plugged into the phone jack. Will this go away when I pick up a nice quality (appreciate suggestions!) audio interface?


#5- latency- I am not sure if this is just a "getting comfortable" with the action, but I'm finding there is just a few nanoseconds of latency hearing the sound in my ears when I strike notes. Need to also tweak velocity sensitivity too, but that's another day.


All in all, quite impressed with the power of this program and look forward to learning how to use it.


Thank you!

Phoenix Keys

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