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Alt button copy/paste regions [SOLVED]


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Every time I press on Option button - Logic copy selected region and paste in on selected track.

That's the normal, expected behavior. Logic always worked like this. Option-drag = copy. Like Eric explained, Option-drag is a system wide OS X key command for copying things: it's not specific to Logic.


May be I so stupid, but I still can't understand...

Now I have 2 computers (home and studio).

On my home computer I have no any problems: when I press Option - nothing happens.

When I press Option+Drag = copy - and it's perfect.

But on my studio computer, when just press Option Logic copy selected region and paste on selected track.

So, on my studio computer Option = clrt+с + cltr+v

Every time I trying to zoom project I get new copied and pasted regions...

I want when I press Option - nothing happens. :shock:

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So all you do is press the Option key? You don't press any other key or don't click or drag anything at all? Just press option on your keyboard and whatever is selected is copy/pasted? Copy/pasted where exactly?


Are you using the standard Apple mouse and keyboard or a 3rd party mouse and/or keyboard? Any 3rd party mouse or keyboard utility installed on your Mac?


Normally, the "Option" key on your keyboard is a modifier: it can modify another action (clicking, dragging, pressing other keys, as in "Option-R" or "Control-Option-Z") but in itself, it shouldn't do anything at all.

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Ok, thanks!

I tried another keyboard, I tried another mouse and another monitor :)

Problem with punto switcher utility.

When user press Option this utility copies and pastes selected object.

I thought I would go crazy :)

Now everything fine.


Ah thank you very much for this solution!

You don't know how long this damn Option button issue pissed me lol

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