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Distortion and Modulation when trying to record


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Well after my old macbook pro decided to go to the great beyond and the version of protools I had is not compatible with my new macbook pro and and I can't get an ilok anywhere near here I decided to give logic a try and get a new interface. As I mostly just record for myself these days I decided to try the focusrite 2i4. So far my experiences have left me wanting to resurrect my dead macbook.


So before admitting defeat I have spent 2 days reading forums trying to troubleshoot my problem. I have even gone as far as using a workaround to try an old Mbox2 Mini with it and I had the same results. At best I managed to reduce the distortion which made the modulation appear more prominent. I suspect it is about the same however the reduction in distortion just makes it more perceptible. This was achieved by following these steps "Open the File > Project Settings > Synchronization > Audio tab and choose MTC Continuous or MTC Trigger + Auto Speed Detection mode in the Core Audio pop-up menu."


My macbook pro is an I7 2.4ghz processor, 8gb ram with a 500gb SSD.


Does anybody have any clue how I can get rid of this? I am even open to a new interface(only need 2 inputs) if that will get rid of this.

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