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Preserving MIDI tempos across projects


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I'm using Logic Pro X

I started a project using MIDI and audio samples. Logic automatically set a universal BPM for the project based off the audio samples. I never got a dialogue box asking me if I wanted to use tempo information when loading in my audio samples. I'm halfway through my project and I've got my audio samples and my midi samples sounding great.



I have some MIDI parts from something else I made a while ago that I was copying into my new project. When I copy and paste or even import them in the tempo of the midi changes to the arbitrary one Logic set for my project. I did not get a dialogue box asking if I wanted to import the midi tempo or use the project tempo. As a result the midi parts I was trying to add are sped up way too much. If I change the universal BPM then the copied/imported MIDI sounds great but everything else is slowed down and sounds like crap. I don't ever use the BPM function of Logic so this is all very confusing.


What I've tried:

I've tried to look up some stuff. I saw other people talking about locking SMPTE. I tried that and it didn't change anything. I'm not sure what SMPTE is and I looked. I also saw people talking about copying the tempo map of the midi they're importing. I can't find out anything about how to do that either.

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