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MacPro full, PLEASE HELP (attached image)

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I am by no means a power user and could really use some help.


I have searched the web and read numerous post about transferring data but I'm still confused. Could anyone please give me step-by-step instruction on the following:


I have 2 internal hard drives on my MacPro running 10.9.5.


As you can see from the image 1 disk is almost full and consequently my computer is starting to bog down.


What is the fastest way to move data from one internal hard drive to another in order to free up space? Also, I read it is best to run the operating system and application from one disc and all files from another. How do I set up to do this?


Any instruction you can provide would be greatly appreciated as I am currently unable to do anything on this computer.


Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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I would start by locating the largest files that are filling up he 320GB disk. Those are typically going to be HD Video files, or photo libraries, or large Logic projects with lots of long audio files etc.... then simply move them from one disk to another in the Finder. You can open two Finder windows next to each other, have one show you the files to move, the other show you a destination folder on the desired disk, and drag and drop.
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