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Logic Pro X 10.1.1 Won't Actually Quit


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Hey all,


Has anyone experienced this behavior? Pretty often, I will close out of a Logic session by using Command-Q to quit. The Logic window will disappear. Yet, the Logic Pro X logo in my dock (in Yosemite) will continue to have the black dot underneath it, implying the program is still open.


Most of the time, it won't quit. I'll Control-click the icon, which will say in the menu that pops up "Application Not Responding". Most of the time my default is to Force Quit from that menu.


This makes me nervous though, because I feel enough times of that my sessions are going to chance becoming corrupted. Any advice?

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I have occasionally had that, but it never interfered with what was saved. I think Logic cannot close certain audio processes or plugins, when that happens - you may haved to look in Console, to see if there are any diagnostic messages that might help identify the cause of this quit-hang.

But rest assured: as soon as the windows in Logic are closed, Logic is done saving.

Only when you force quit with an open main window you can lose work.

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  • 3 years later...

I realize this thread is three years old, but I am having this behavior *most* times that I close Logic. The dot remains beneath the icon in the dock, and right click reveals the "application not responding" and I have to force quit....not good.


Any progress here from the folks having the issue three years ago ??!!!


let me know....

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