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I/O Plugin to external track -> Latency


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So I've got an I/O plugin on a software instrument track (green in pic). In the I/O plugin, I've set my output to Output 3. Then I've created an Audio track with which got Input 3 as input (blue in pic). It works great if it wasn't that the sound gets a bit shifted for the audio track. Changing Latecy Offset in the I/O plugin won't do anything.


By the way, it's a drum track so the audio for the blue Audio track should be exactly at the same time as when the MIDI data starts. It's obviously easy now to just move the audio track by hand, but it isn't easy when it's more complex.


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So I've got an I/O plugin on a software instrument track (green in pic).


What are you trying to achieve? Do you want to process the Kick externally or do you want to record it as audio?

If you are recording as audio you can just skip the I/O plugin and route your output to a bus and record that bus from an audio track.

If you want to process it externally do the same thing but include the I/O plug-in.

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Thanks for the responses. I want to record the audio from the kick after it has been processed.


I sent the green midi track to Bus 21 and then I created a blue audio track with Bus 21 as input. In the picture you see a green midi track. Then you see three blue audio tracks which are (from top to bottom):


1. A bounce of the midi region without the external effect (which means it's timed perfectly)

2. Using the external effects the way I described above (like you suggested)

3. Using the external effects with the old method.


As you can see the result got way better with your solution, but it's not perfect. Did I do something wrong or is this the best I can get?


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Have you Pinged the outboard device? Does the I/O plugin's Latency Offset change when you click the Ping button?


Is the outboard device all analogue?


Now that I'm using the "bus method", changing Latecy Offset now works, which I wouldn't have noticed if it wasn't for your awesome post.


Thanks to you all, you nailed this problem. Thank you very much!

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