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Pre-programmed reverb [SOLVED]


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Hi all.

I am currently preparing a solo percussion concert in a few weeks and I´m going to perform a great piece for amplified vibraphone and electronic sounds. (Smithereens by Rob Waring, Great piece!) The vibraphone should only be amplified and a huge reverb should be added through the piece. Usually I would use a sound tech to do this but I would love for it work by using logic as a pre programmed effect strip. But, here´s my question.

Is it possible to pre program some of the effect parameters in logic? The reverb time should go from 0,0 sec up to around 20 sec during the 8 minutes the piece lasts. Is it possible to do this with automation?

The vibraphone is miced with k&K contact mic system through a Roland Octa capture sound interface sent to two audio inputs and the part with the electronic sound will be on a separate track and stay clear of the reverb effect. I work with Logic pro 9.


Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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