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Mainstage 3 mirroring output 1-2 on other outputs


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I am having an issue with MainStage that is driving me insane.


Here is my issue:

I have a channel strip set to: Output 1-2

On this channel strip I create a send on Bus 1 (which creates Aux 1)

I set Aux 1 to Output 5-6


I would think that the only thing that would show up on Outputs 5-6 is what I'm sending from the bus.


However, any channel that is also sending to Output 1-2 is also showing up on Output 5-6


I created a quick example and attached a pic to demonstrate.


Am I doing something wrong or is there some setting that I have checked to create this mirroring? You'll see that the "click" track is appearing on the left side of Output 5-6. I can't for the life of me figure out why. I'd really appreciate any help!


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What is also odd is that on output 5-6 there only seems to be signal on the starboard side. Are these all your channel strips?

Can you show a screenshot of your audio prefs? Mainstage>Preferences>Audio tab. And also of the audio device on the Audio page of your AudioMIDI Setup application, which you can open by clicking the Setup button.



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