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Having trouble recording


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Hi There,


I don't have much experience with logic but don't remember having this much trouble.


I'm trying to bounce a drum track down to tape and record the output of the tape back into Logic - I have:

  • A drummer track outputting to tape
    The outputs of the tape machine coming into two new tracks in Logic
    I can play/monitor everything (and see the return signals coming into logic)
    I have the record buttons on (and flashing Red) for the two return tracks (see attached)
    I have the inputs on so I can monitor the signal of the two return tracks


But when I hit the record, northing happens. Sorry if this is easy but I'm super confused sorry - I have lots of experience with Pro Tools but am new to Logic.


Any pointers in the right direction would be much appreciated.



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Thanks Eric,


I have a Digidesign 003 Rack - I've actually just fired everything up again and it seems to work?


Will keep an eye on this and check out what an I/O plugin is.





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