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Automation Parameters Change Randomly


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OK so I am working on a friend's LPX project while he is away, and I am wondering if this problem is something to do with any settings he may have changed, or whether its a bug altogether.


Lets say I wanted to automate the downsampling value in Logic's bitcrusher. I select this from the track header automation parameter window. However, when I start drawing an automation line, this parameter changes itself to something completely unrelated to the plugin (or any other plugins used on that particular track). In the screenshot attached, one can see that the automation parameter has changed itself to 'frequency response'. As a result, the automation line has no effect on the audio at all.


I have tried the latch automation mode. This works fine while recording in the automation data, but when I am finished, it changes the parameter value again.


The MIDI info displayed in the automation event list is the same as the info displayed when I connect this particular channel to a monitor in the MIDI environment window.


In the screenshot example below, I have two plugins used. If I add a THIRD plugin and attempt to select the parameter I wish to automate, NO automation line appears. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!?! :?


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