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Merging MIDI Take Folders


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I have created a guitar solo using record>MIDI Recording Options>Create Take Folders.


So now the solo appears on 2 'virtual tracks' called Acoustic Guitar 1 and Acoustic Guitar 2:




How do I merge these takes into the one master track? If I cntrl-click the triangle at top left, the drop-down offers 'join' or 'merge' but neither of those commands seem to do anything. If I click on the track itself and select 'Flatten (delete unused track) then Logic deletes whichever of the two tracks are not selected. I have tried to find this in the documentation, but while it explains how to create take folders, it doesn't seem to cover how to merge the takes into a single track.

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Hi Jonathan S.


There might be a few ways to do this:


Function>Folder>Unpack Take Folder to New Tracks


Then Select those take tracks you want to merge and go to main menu:



this should give you a merged MIDI region of the multiple takes.

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I must say this really sucks.

Why cant I trim and join them in the folder like I've always been able to do in Cubase?

If the goal is to play the "takes" together then perhaps the take folder is not the right tool for you (it's meant to have a single take play at once while the other ones are automatically muted, and to ultimately choose the best take and discard the others).


You can record overlapping MIDI regions on top of each other (Record > Overlapping MIDI Regions > ...) on the same track and they will play together. You can ultimately select overlapping regions and join them (Edit > Join > Regions).

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