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Understanding how and when Logic moves regions.


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Former 25 year Pro Tools vet making the switch to Logic here and trying to wrap my head around it.


I've exported a bunch of songs in Pro Tools as AAFs and have imported them into Logic. The tracks themselves are long regions interspersed with smaller ones (punches). I've been having problems keeping things aligned when I enable flex or beat map the songs.




Beat Mapping: even after SMTPE locking the regions, I'd start creating a beat map and by about the third measure the tracks were not longer in alignment.


Enabling Flex Time: Enabling Flex time on some (not all tracks) moves the track in time (sometimes forward, sometimes backward).


Now, after some googling I believe the reason this keeps happening is tempo information is getting stored in the .wav files and Logic using the tempo information for...what I'm still not sure, but it seems like the tempo information in the wav files takes precedence over what the session is set to and where things live and that effects things some how Or at least everything seems to stop moving around as soon as I strip the tempo information out of the files.


So questions:


Help me understand exactly why regions are moving in the two above scenarios? I think I have a vague notion of why, but I'd like to know exactly what Logic is doing here.


It seems like the best approach for these sessions (live instruments, no click or other tempo reference) would be to turn of the Musical Grid setting as that will prevent Logic from storing tempo information in the wav files. However if I do this will this effect flex? or beat mapping? Can I still grid things up I know you can view both time and beat/bar rulers at the same time. Any other workflows or features that might be impacted by running the session this way?


Why doesn't SMTPE locking overrule everything and prevent things from moving in the first place?


Lastly, unrelated, but to help me get me up to speed quicker in Logic, does David's book go in depth and cover stuff like this? I've watched the Groove3 videos and MacPro Video videos to get basic workflow stuff, but a lot of it was too basic for me. Logic's manual is full of nice examples but doesn't really cover things in depth as far as I can tell.


Sorry for the wall of text.


Thanks all!

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