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In Score Editor, bar lengths don't match time signature?


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You have created a second time signature at a point in time after the main signature. This can be modified in several places

1/ global signature track

2/ score editor

3/ event list

4/ transport window


Using 3 above

Open up the event list

Go to the signature tab

Highlight and delete the signature you changed which is later in time than the primary

Modify the primary to be what time signature you want. (At bar 1)

If you use the transport window to change your signature, it will modify the signature at the location of the play head. So if your piece is in 3/4 time and you are on bar 7. A time signature change will occur on bar 7 leaving the first 6 bars in 3/4 time. However If you hit return first to bring the play head to bar 1 then change the signature in the transport you will be modifying the original time signature.

The global signature track and/or the event list will detail what is going on.

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